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eCommerce Web Summit

We are excited today to announce the next summit in our Web Summit Series.  It won’t take place until early next year (January 30th), but we wanted to let you know about it now before the holidays happen and you forget!

More importantly, it perfectly matches the holiday season, because we picked the theme for this one to be eCommerce, and we found four great experts to talk about full cycle eCommerce topics ranging from content management, to user experience, to accepting payments. The sessions currently planned are:

Pick up your tickets to our eCommerce Web Summit today so that you don’t miss out!

WordPress Web Summit

It’s that time again, time to announce the next entry in our Web Summit Series.

This time, we are going to be doing a summit on WordPress.  Why WordPress you might ask?  Well simply put WordPress is the largest and fastest growing web application framework in existence. It’s measured to be running between 20-25% of the world’s websites.

We’ve lined up a great set of sessions from speakers Jason Rhodes, Benji Regan, Aaron Jorbin, and including WordPress Lead Developer: Andrew Nacin.  They will be covering best practices in WordPress development, plugins, themes, and take a look at the roadmap of where the project itself is going.

Go ahead and register yourself today to join us for the WordPress Web Summit on November 14th!

New Sponsor: SugarCRM

We’d like to give thanks to our latest sponsor of the php[architect] Web Summit Series:  SugarCRM. As with all our sponsors, we suggest that you go check out their offerings. SugarCRM of course provides the definitive customer relationship management software written in PHP and fully extendable.

It’s through the support of our sponsors that we are able to continue to offer the Web Summit Series and will continue to do so in the future.

PHP 5.5 Web Summit

We are excited to announce the next webinar in our Web Summit Series, our PHP 5.5 Web Summit.

Newly released, PHP 5.5 adds many great features that can really improve modern development, but only if you know they are there. Don’t get stuck in the past; join us for the PHP 5.5 Web Summit as we bring in PHP experts Matthew Turland, Davey Shafik, Stas Malyshev, and Ben Ramsey to help bring your development into the modern age. We will discuss advancements in password hashing, array_column, object-oriented programming, OPCache runtime compilation caching, maintaining a stable codebase, and more!

This won’t just be a dry summit listing off new features. These talks are designed to not just inform you about new features but to give you practical ways to apply them to your development projects, making your code cleaner and easier to maintain.

So join us for our PHP 5.5 Web Summit on September 17th!

New Sponsor: ZippyKid

The php[architect] Web Summit Series has a new sponsor that we’ve added today.
ZippyKid is a provider of managed WordPress hosting and actively involved in the PHP Community.

We want to thank them for their support of the Web Summit Series, if you’d like to reach out to them yourself you can find them on twitter as @ZippyKid or reach out directly to their CEO, Vid Luther on twitter as @vidluther

Our First Sponsor: in2it

We are extremely happy to announce today our first sponsor of the php[architect] Web Summit Series:  in2it vof.  Provider of professional PHP services and consulting in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. They have signed up for a recurring sponsorship into the future to help ensure that we are able to bring you additional summits in the future!

The owner of in2it is well known in the PHP community, Michelangelo van Dam, and you can find him on twitter as @DragonBe and thank him out for enabling continuing PHP education.

Reintroducing the php[architect] Web Summit Series!

We at php[architect] want to welcome you to the relaunch of the our Web Summit Series.

A couple of these summits had been run in the past, and we’ve decided to pick up the torch and start doing these on a regular basis, a number of times throughout the year. You can find more information about the past and future summits here.

The first one we are putting on in the near future is all about DevOps.  We’ve got 4 great speakers lined up to talk to you about Composer, Vagrant, Deployment, and Automated Infrastructure.

Ticket Sales are available now!